Thomas Schall - Lauten

Although I never seem to reach a satisfying recording quality I am offering some videos of me playing the lute.
There still seem to be problems recording the sound of the lute. The attack is much to strong while the richness of tone doesn't get captured well.

Hope you'll enjoy them!

Esaias Reusner d.J.: Passacaglia in D-Major

Silvius Leopold Weiss: Allemande in F-Major

Silvius Leopold Weiss: Courante in F-Major

Esaias Reusner d.J.: Suite in G-Minor

Esaias Reusner d.J.: Allemande and Courante F-Major

S.L.Weiss: Allegro Assai from the Sonata D-Major
Sadly the recording suddenly ended (Battery has been empty)
This has been the encore when we played the piece without repetitions ...

Last year I played a recital in Lungern. Sadly just very few people have been interested in this program devoted to music by Dowland (with some spanish repertoire added).
Here some examples from the recital

Go Crystal Tears

A Fantasia on Vihuela

Petrucci Connection playing Canario(s)