Thomas Schall - Lauten

Videos I like

Lutz Kirchhof together with his charming wife Martina playing Lacrimae by John Dowland

Hopkinson Smith performing Bach:

Robert Barto performing an Allegro by S.L.Weiss:

From the 2009 Grammy nominated best crossover album of the year Indigo Road (Ronn MacFarlane).

My friend Lutz Kirchhof playing one of my Favourites

Music that rocks (Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula)

A Chaconne by Antoine Forqueray performed as a duo for baroque guitar and theorbo by Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula

Ronn MacFarlane performing some of his own music:

Xavier Diaz La Torre performing a Chaconne by Robert de Visée

Rolf Lislevand playing another Chaconne by Robert de Visée