Thomas Schall - Lauten

From "A Reply to Stephen Gosson's Schoole of Abuse in Defence of Poetry, Musick, and Stage Plays." by Thomas Lodge

The holy spokesman of the Gods
With heaue[n]ly Orpheus hight:
Did driue the savage men from wods,
And made them liue aright.
And therefore is sayd the Tygers fierce,
And Lyons full of myght
To overcome: Amphion, he
Was sayd of Theabs the founder,
Who by his force of Lute dyd cause <----
The stones to part a sonder.
And by his speach did them derect,
Where he would have them staye:
This wisedome this was it of olde
All strife for to allay.
To giue to euery man his owne,
To make the Gods be knowne
To drive each lecher from the bed,
That never was his owne.
To teach the law of mariage,
The way to build a towne,
For to engraue these lawes in woods
This was these mens renowne.