Thomas Schall - Lauten

Deutsche Gedichte zur Laute / German Poems with/about the lute
English Poems with/about the lute
French Poems with/about the lute

Detailed list of the poems (with description)

in German

R.M. Rilke Die Laute One of my favourites about the lute. The player of the lute (which are compared in appearance) is Tullia d'Aragone, a famous courtesan of the 16th century.
Johannes Köhnke AN MEINE LAUTE Johannes Köhnke was an engeneer who used this pseudonym to write poems. His real name has been Heinrich Seidel
Josef von Eichendorff: Der wandernde Musikant Eichendorff's poems are typical how the lute has been used in the romantic as a metaphor
Josef von Eichendorff: weitere Gedichte
Josef von Eichendorff: Sehnsucht
Josef von Eichendorff: Nachruf Recitation: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Music: Othmar Schoeck
Heinrich Lautensack: Das Lied zur Laute about Lautensack (in german)
Otto Julius Bierbaum: Die schwarze Laute about the author
Die verstummte Laute
Justinus Kerner: Alte Laute about the author
Jànos Arany: Ich legte meine Laute nieder about the author
Arm. B. Graf von Haugwitz: Die Laute Naidion has been a princess from cypres
G.W.R. Becker: Der Eber und die Laute some advice ...
Hans Bethge: Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde about the author
Hans Eisler: In der Frühe about the author. Hans Eisler is most famous for writing the national anthem of the GDR and for his cooperation with Bert Brecht. Anacreon was notable for his drinking songs and hymns. There has been a popular anacreontic society during the rococco. For instance, Falckenhagen has been an anacreontic (anacreontocs in England)
Gottfried August Bürger: Es blueht ein Blümchen about the author
Hans Bethge: Der Abschied
Johann Friedrich Rochlitz: An die Laute Famous because it was set to music by Schubert. about the author
Jost Amman: Der Lautenmacher about the author. It is taken from a print "about all trades" in which he introduces all trades by a woodcut.
Hans Sachs: Homerus about the author. Hans Sachs is a leading character in Richard Wagner's opera Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

in english

William Drummond: To His Lute information
Edmund Waller: On My Lady Isabella information
Sir Thomas Wyatt: My Lute Awake information
Geoffrey Whitney:The Lute whose sound information
Thomas Lodge: The holy spokesman of the Gods information
Corbet: Iter Boreale information
Richard Blackmore: The Creation information
William Shakespeare: The passionate Pilgrim information
William Shakespeare: Orpheus with his lute information
Emily Dickinson: Put up my lute information
Thomas Campion: When to her lute information
William Watson: Lute Player information
Kenneth Rexroth: Lute Music information
Algernon Charles Swinburne: The Lute And The Lyre information
Sung Chih-Wen: The Last Revel information
Ch`ang Ch`ien: A Friend Expected information
Ts`en-Ts`an: A Night on the Mountain information
The Lute Girl information
Sleeplessness information
Li Hua: The Ancient Wind information
Thomas Moore: My Heart And Lute information
Anne Barnard: My Heart is a Lute information
Bishop Patrick: Mentis in Excessu information
John Davies: Objections information
Thomas Wyatt: lame not my Lute information
Richard Barnfield: If music information
Thomas Master: On a cat information

in french

Maurice Scève: Dizain CCCXLIV information
Pierre de Ronsard: Sonnet CVIII information
Louise Labé: Lut compagnon information
Pontus de Tyard: CHANT A SON LEUT information