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I have played a small recital in Lungern with music by Falkenhagen and Straube on baroque lute as well as music for the Vihuela (on Vihuela) during an event guiding the exhibition by Ludger Hinse.
It seems the audience enjoyed the lutes and my playing.

Returned from Gruyères. Both concerts have been great.
Saturday the Ensemble Les Jardins de Courtoisie from France played a very fine concert with french songs.
A recital to remember. Anne Delafosse-Quentin has an angelic voice! But renaissance harp and lute made a very good job, too.
You may like to read the newspaper (in german).
Some fotos I took while I've been there you may find here.

Sunday Pantagruel played their show. The new line-up with singer, gamba and lute/cittern doesn't allow the usual show. So much of the effect got lost while they musically improved.
The show has been broadcasted by swiss radio. Pantagruel has put some videos of the show online.
You can watch it here.

This afternoon I fled from the heat outside, took my theorbo and played in the chapel some music by Robert de Visée:



This afternoon I played in the local church. For this interested in the music and the event:
The complete program will be played on 31st August 2011 starting in the Pfarrkirche Lungern. Musik by Weiss, Falkenhagen and Straube.

This one's an Allemande by S.L.Weiss:

And this one's an Allegretto by R.Straube:

Matthias Wagner, instrument builder and string supplier organizes a cultural event, Orientalische Musik-Sommerakademie Badenweiler with Fernweh - Geschichten aus 1001 Nacht from 31st August until 4th September. There will be classes for Oud, percussion and some concerts.

Andreas Schlegel finally presents a new, substantially enlarged edition of his book The Lute in Europe which I can recommend to anyone with the least interest in the lute. It comes with a lot of pictures of old instruments. And gives a very good summary of the lute, related instruments and their history.

Although it may seem early to mention: Christine Gabrielle will organize again a series of concerts in Geneva starting on 11th october ending 1st November. It's worth to check her site for information about the lute and theorbo concerts.

Philippe Mottet-Rio established a wonderful instrument building summer school with guiding recitals in the pitoresque castle of Gruyeres. This years goal will be to build a renaissance harp under the supervision of Renzo Salvador.
This years highlights will include recitals of the Ensemble Les Jardins de Courtoisie which will perform early renaissance songs with harp and lute. (saturday, 27th August, Eglise de Gruyères, 20:00)
The Sunday Concert will be giving by the Ensemble Pantagruel with their program Laydie Louthians Lilte . Their lively performances alone would make a trip to the beautiful medieval town of Gruyeres well worth.
I plan to spend this weekend in Gruyeres and hope to meet many people there.

With feelings of regret I've learned that David van Edwards will stop his lute building courses. So this year's course would be the final occassion!

I have spent the rainy part of the last weekend to record a couple of pieces. The quality never seems to be like I wished it would be. Modern microphones amplify the attack of the lute so the result is just an approximisation.

Here is the Campanella D Major by David Kellner

and here a Gigue by Kühnel

I decided to continue the series of fundraising recitals for an orphanage with school in Morogoro (Tansania) and a hostel in Khammam (India). These activities have been started by a neighbour of me in germany, Oswald Bommel, on occassion of his 65th birthday. In the meantime they have gained great success both in fundraising as well as in the supported activities. The supported schools are run by the Heilig Geist Schwestern .

If you should like to support this fundraising idea I am playing lute recitals for free - giving all the income to the organisation.

PDF mit Informationen

Ich habe mich entschlossen, auch aus der Schweiz heraus zu versuchen, die von Oswald Bommel anlässlich seines 65.Geburtstags ins Leben gerufene Fördergemeinschaft Morogoro und Khammam zu unterstützen, indem ich meine Gagen komplett dieser Fördergemeinschaft zur Verfügung stelle.
Die Fördergemeinschaft unterstützt mit den gesammelten Mitteln ein Waisenhaus mit angeschlossener Schule in Morogoro (Tansania) und ein Mädchenheim (Hostel) im Khammam (Indien). Die Einrichtungen werden von den Heilig-Geist-Schwestern betrieben. Jeder Rappen kommt den Kindern zugute.

Bei Interesse melden Sie sich bitte!

Gelegenheiten, die faszinierende Welt der Laute in Ihre Veranstaltungen einzubinden, gibt es schiesslich genug: Sei es bei einem Konzert, einem Gottesdienst, einem Firmenanlass, oder einer Privatfeier. Der intime Klang und der Reichtum des Repertoires für die Laute fasziniert! Und Sie tun eine gute Tat. Sprechen Sie mich an!
email: lautenist (at)

added a lot of MP3 files, including our entire CD with baroque lute duets

the past weeks I've been busy playing guitar. I'm playing in an orchestra which celebrated it's 60th anniversary.

Federico played a wonderful piece. Misionera by Bustamante

His wife made a set of fotos ... you may find some pictures of me ...
The PictureSet

added tons of new poems (mainly in english). The LSA even provided Videos to some of them. For instance watch

new setup of in march 2011

I'll be on the swiss pluckers festival in Rorschach the final weekend of march. A report will follow

Im Januar 2011 spielten die schweizer Lautenisten ein Konzert in Aarau. Ich auf der Theorbe, Jürg sang und spielte Barockgitarre und Urs spielte Renaissancelaute. Hier ein paar Ausschnitte aus dem Konzert:

Viel Spass beim anschauen