Thomas Schall - Lauten

Then do I spy seven sisters, all alike:
Of whom four are silent, and theother three ready to talk:
The three gave utterance to the wisdom of the silent four.
One holds a lute: next to her one holds a rod in her hands:
The fourth holds the number eight in her right hand, seven in her left,
And is seen to hold unnumbered numbers in her lap.
Thus stood these silent four, in diverse form.
But one of the three holds in her hands the letters of her speechless
Sisters: the second holds strong chains and a spear:
The third a purple cloak, adorned with gold and gems:
All three I beheld with wonder at their great beauty.
The gifts they gave me I omit to tell.
Then the woman (she was the first) taught me songs of melody
On a harp that was wont to sound with six strings:
On it I make melody for the people: often I play it for my own pleasure.

Bishop Patrick (Gilla Patraic) (died 1084)
from Mentis in Excessu