Thomas Schall - Lauten

Welcome to my lute page!


This site is devoted to the lute - I am a lute addict. I started playing the lute in 1989 and since then I am lost to that instrument. I sincerely hope this page provides information and possibly I am able to transport a little bit of my enthusiasm for the instrument.

Please check the news-section to get the most recent information.

Recently I recorded some music by Esaias Reusner and Johann Friedrich Daube.
you can listen to the entire Suite in Bb-Major by Reusner here for free! Enjoy!

I also recorded nearly the complete works by Johann Friedrich Daube.
Sonata in d minor
Sonata in e minor
Sonata in F major
Some more Information about the composer and the single movements will follow soon.

The Duo CD "Galante Lautenduette" is out of print. But you can get it here as one single ZIP-File (49 MB) for free! Enjoy!

I would be pleased to personally introduce you to the fantastic world of the lute.
Be it for a concert (formal or at home), as enrichment of a church service, a presentation of the instruments, a lecture to certain aspects of lute playing.

Please contact at +41 41 678 00 79 or lautenist (at)

I decided to continue the series of fundraising recitals for an orphanage with school in Morogoro (Tansania) and a hostel in Khammam (India).
If you should like to support this fundraising idea I am playing lute recitals for free - giving all the income to the organisation.